Zukai ET Kyokasho TLCS Family + μITRON [Illustrated ET Textbook for TLCS Series and μITRON], a standard introductory book on embedded software development

The book thoroughly analyzes the program structure of multitask and real-time processing.
For practical training in control programming using assembly and C languages and μITRON
Bundled with a ready-to-use development environment including a compiler, IDE, and program transfer tool


The book contains a large number of sample programs that help you understand the structure of multitask programs well.
Sample programs are offered in assembly and C languages, and the same label names are used in equivalent programs in both languages. You can thus understand characteristics of each well.
Toshiba genuine C compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), etc. are included in the bundled CD-ROM.
μITRON (TOPPERS/JSP) can be used in Toshiba’s development environment.

Content of the bundled CD-ROM

Toshiba genuine C compiler for TLCS-900
Toshiba genuine integrated development environment (IDE)
List of sample programs
User’s manual for the evaluation board Zup-F16
User’s manual for the expansion board for the evaluation board Zup-F16
Program transfer tool and simple monitoring program

Table of content

Chapter 1: Control Computers
Chapter 2: Architecture of TLCS-900
Chapter 3: TMP91FY22F and Zup Board
Chapter 4: Structure of control programs
Chapter 5: How to Prepare and Use a Development Environment
Chapter 6: Programming Exercises
Chapter 7: Implementation and Use of μITRON

Pages: 226 Price: 3,025 yen
Author: Hirohiko Takeshita
Publisher: Ohmsha

Zukai Wakaru Jissen Analog Kairo [Illustrated, Accessible, and Practical Guide to Analog Circuits], providing an accessible explanation with plenty of diagrams and figures


This book explains electrical theory and handling of electronic components from a perspective unprecedented in traditional technical books by using plenty of diagrams and figures.
Tsutomu, Manabu, and Hitomi appear at important points to give a detailed explanation and advice.
In order to provide an explanation that is as much practical as possible, many of reference diagrams in the book cover practical circuits.
If you use this book as a textbook, parts for circuits used in the book are available as teaching materials.
[Can be used as a textbook at universities, technical colleges, and vocational schools]

You can read an excerpt of the book here.
We made an electronic circuits glossary for beginners!
It’s quite a good one created by using the index of this book.

Size: A5 Pages: 320 Price: 2,835 yen
Author: Hirohiko Takeshita
Publisher: Sogodenshi Shuppansha

Table of content

Chapter 1: Basic Knowledge for Learning Electronic Circuits
Chapter 2: Basic Lesson on Alternate Current Theory
Chapter 3: How to Use Passive Components
Chapter 4: How to Use Electronic Circuit Components
Chapter 5: How to Use Transistors and FET
Chapter 6: Operational Amplifiers

Appendix 1: A/D conversion method/ Appendix 2: Noise/ Let’s Start Building an Electronic Circuit!/ Solutions to Problems/ Index