Small Hydropower Generation

A small hydropower generator designed, manufactured, and installed by us has been in operation at Niimi-shi, Okayama since 2015.
Please contact us for further inquiries if you are considering the adoption of a small hydropower generator.

Q & A

What is the scale of this power plant?
Effective head: 15 m, Water flow rate: 160 l/s, Continuous rated output: 16.9 kW, Yearly power generation: 100,000 kW The entire power generated is sold to the Chugoku Electric Power Company.
How many household can 16.9 kW of power support?
Since the average power consumption per household is considered to be about 0.5 kW in Japan, about 33 households can be supported.
What type of water turbines are used?
Propeller turbines are used. They are made by Toshiba.
What are advantages and purposes for Tamaden to engage in small hydropower generation? What is its strength in this area?
We have been involved in the development of wave power generation, which generates power by using the power of waves, for long years. We rank No.1 in the world in the control of wave power generation.
We are particularly strong in power control technology using inverters. This small hydropower plant is designed by using inverters to obtain constantly stable power generation efficiency under variable water flow.