What Hybrid Power Generation Is

Hybrid power generation is a power generation system combining multiple generators including generators of renewable energy such as hydro energy, solar energy, and wind energy; diesel generators; and batteries. As a power generation system composed only of renewable energy generators depends on weather, topography, etc., it is combined with diesel generators and/or batteries to enable stable supply of electric power.

Advantages of Our Hybrid Power Generation System

The greatest advantage of the hybrid power generation system developed by us is that, by using inverters as the main power device, “diesel generators can be suspended, which means power can be generated only by renewable energy generators,” if renewable energy generators and batteries can supply a required amount of power. This results in the following advantages.
1. Suppression of fossil fuel (petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc.) consumption
2. Reduction of CO2 from foreign countries with large CO2 emission from diesel generators
3. Reduction of fuel and fuel transport costs
4. Cost reduction owing to the lower maintenance and failure frequency of power generators
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Schematic Diagram of Hybrid Power Generation