Repair and Maintenance of Business PCs

We set up, maintain, and repair business PCs.
We provide support service on behalf of customers ranging from setting up Windows to installing software,
maintaining PCs that gradually become slower as you use them, replacing their parts, and
recovering a PC that no longer starts up.

PC Selection Support

Advice to a company without a system administrator and to an employee who is charged with PC selection
Support of the renewal of business PCs used
Selection of data protection device including backup device
Advice to companies intending to change the work style through cloud computing and VPN

Initial Configuration

Setting up Windows and installing Office and CAD software
Installing antivirus software
Email transition and initial email configuration


(Hardware and software) maintenance
Configuration review
A summary report will be given on failure symptoms discovered during hardware maintenance.


PC repair and data retrieval

Emergency response to virus infection

Emergency response to virus infection (by phone or on site)
Isolation of virus infected PCs
Data recovery (coverage depends on the type of virus)